CoinsBanking Review

Nov 9, 2020

4 min read

What You Need To Know About CoinsBanking

There was a time when getting your hands on your first coin was difficult because not too many platforms were out there. However, these days there are a growing number of global exchanges that have expanded and started to provide fiat options. It means that there are a plethora of different ways to buy crypto with fiat currency.

Initially, you tend to think that this phenomenon would make the job of cryptocurrency exchange much more comfortable, although it has not been the case for the past couple of years in this market. The competition is so fierce that companies and websites develop so many new features and updates that make it almost impossible for traders to catch up with them. The search for finding the right platform never ends as new platforms come out literally every day, and it has been very confusing for those who wish to enter this field just to pick one and start trading.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a stable platform where you can trade with peace of mind, you should read this CoinsBanking review to the end. It is an excellent platform with all the necessary tools for you to start. Plus, if you are already an advanced trader and working on a different platform, this CoinsBanking review might change your mind to move to something even better.

As far as I am concerned, there is no bad CoinsBanking review out there, and most of the feedback is positive. In my CoinsBanking review version, I have focused on some critical points that distinguishCoinsBanking from other trading or exchange platforms and have made it a great one. I hope you enjoy it.

The Fees

To buy any form of cryptocurrency with your fiat currency on any platform, you need to deposit money into your account. Depositing money into your account can sometimes be very expensive, as some companies charge a ridiculous percentage for every deposit. And that is not all. Trading fees on some platforms start at 0.5 percent. Moreover, if you want to deposit money into your account with a debit card, I think you should get ready for a big scam. Some websites charge you up to 3.99 percent of the entire deposit fees. For example, if you are depositing 10 thousand dollars into your account by a debit card, you will have to pay 399 dollars for the deposit commission fee!

And that is only for the money you are inserting into your account. To make matters worse, you will have to pay another 0.5 percent of trading fees when you buy crypto.

The reason I am mentioning fees as one of the primary key points in my CoinsBanking review is that the fees on this platform are very fair. Even though most of the time the fee you pay for commissions when depositing or trading depends on different factors like the amount of money you are putting in or the situation of the market, I have found CoinsBanking fees for both of these matters way below what other companies charge their clients.

An Intuitive Interface

I have never seen anyone talk about this area in their CoinsBanking reviews, but I will do it here.

Ever since I have moved my trading to CoinsBanking, I have felt that they have been ahead of the curve in many respects, particularly intuitive interfaces. It looks as if the founders and the team of designers have a knack for it.

The platform is very easy to learn and work with. It is almost set up for beginners, but it is not like advanced traders are banned from it. Everyone could join CoinsBanking in a blink of an eye and start trading. You have all the useful tools like signals and charts at hand and can utilize them to make your trading more efficient.

It Is All About The Supported Crypto

One of the problems that some traders have with other exchange platforms is that sometimes there are too few cryptocurrencies supported or offered by that company. You might ask, “Why don’t they just change to another platform that offers more choices?” Well, there are various possible answers. They might simply be afraid of changes in general. They might also have assets on the old platform that they are monitoring and waiting for the right moment to trade or withdraw. In any case, in my opinion, it is never too late to correct your mistakes. Also, if you are a newbie, you can make a smart decision by educating yourself and choose a better option for your online trading.

One of the main advantages of CoinsBanking that I wish to explain here on my CoinsBanking review is its vast area of support. Hundreds of cryptocurrencies are supported by CoinsBanking. That is actually a lot when you realize that some websites allow you to trade only six. Also, with regards to your fiat currency, I should tell you that CoinsBanking has added Euros to their list. So, to all those Europeans out there, you might want to consider this if you are sick of paying commissions for all of your foreign currency conversions.

The Speed

It is also something I found worth mentioning in my CoinsBanking review because I know a lot of traders out there are complaining about outages on their platforms. It is frustrating not to be able to trade at the right time when your platform server is down or is responding very slowly. This often happens because, during market changes, a lot of traders are actually actively trading, and if your server is weak, you will fall behind.

CoinsBanking has recently updated its trading engine to the newest cutting-edge technology which allows you to trade with the maximum speed possible. This change has made the platform up to 20 times faster than the older versions. It also means that CoinsBanking is less susceptible to outages than other platforms when markets become volatile.